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Memorial Brick index


  1. The are probably a few errors, please let us know about them so we can correct them

  2. Bricks are numbered left to right

  3. Bricks separated by the flag are numbered L1-LF16 and R1-RF16 the "L" or "LF" means "left of the flag" and "R" or "RF" means "right of the flag" when facing the building

  4. Rows are numbered 1-109. The first row is nearest the Legion entrance

  5. When suggesting a correction, check the actual brick for spelling on brick, not what was meant.

  6. Some people have multiple bricks

  7. Please check middle initials

  8. Not all bricks are for people.  Some have company names on them or unit numbers

  9. In the image column is the image name, clicking on it will display a picture of a group of bricks with the person's name on it. To return to the index you will need to use your browser's back button.

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